We’re sorry to say that the Forest tour has now come to an end. As Spring comes in, the leaves sprout from the trees and the world wakes up from the winter, we’re packing away our trees, folding up our floorboards and boxing up our conkers and pine cones. We’ve really enjoyed bringing The Forest to venues all across the UK, and want to thank you for following us.

With the show coming to an end, this blog will now be drawing to a close, but you can find out more about our other productions by visiting our website at www.feveredsleep.co.uk, or by following us @FeveredSleep on Twitter or by searching for us on Facebook. There’s always more exciting and beautiful things being planned, so keep an eye out for us – we’d love to see you again.

The forest treasure hunt will remain live for a few more weeks – so if you haven’t had the chance to go and find the treasure we’ve hidden near you, then get cracking!

It’s been a great pleasure keeping you updated with all of our work over the last few months, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

Best wishes,

The Fevered Sleep team.

Good news - our Cardiff geocache has gone live! With our first performances in Cardiff today, you can also stroll away from the theatre and go hunting for treasure among the city’s trees. Follow the links to our treasure hunt page to find out more - and let us know how you get on! Contact us @FeveredSleep on Twitter or use the hashtag #fsTheForest. Happy hunting!

Two more geocaches are now up on our website and ready to be found! You can find more details on our treasure hunting page - itstheforest.com/hunt. With Spring just around the corner, now’s the perfect time so start planning some outdoor adventures - grab a compass or a GPS device and see what you can discover in the forest.